CyberGlove Systems is proud to partner with third-party industrial and medical simulation companies that provide training solutions aimed at improving competency and safety. CyberGlove Systems lends its expertise and 20+ years of years experience with virtual reality applications to assist in improving these companies with product development.

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Streamline Simulations – 3D Forklift

Streamline Simulations is a global supplier of high fidelity forklift training simulators. Our industry leading forklift training solutions are the only in the world to boast a structured OSHA-based curriculum, known as 3D Forklift.

Streamline Simulations offers a few standard options to immediately add 3D Forklift to your organization, including a full cab simulator, a desktop simulator, and our software as a standalone option. Plus we can customize your training solution to your specific needs and work environment.


Mistakes happen, even during training. 3D Forklift radically improves safety and reduces liability by allowing trainers to teach operators in a stable environment, thereby eliminating the risk of injury and damage to property.

Structured OSHA-based curriculum. 3D Forklift was designed around OSHA safety standards and guidelines. Our supplemental OSHA-based curriculum is the best that forklift simulation training has to offer.

Operator performance tracked in real time. Standardized scoring systems prevents trainees from progressing through the curriculum until proper operating procedures are learned and mistakes are eliminated.

Active cognitive experience. Trainees receive instant feedback on their performance with visual and audio indicators.

Custom training for each individual. Our curriculum is modulated and can be modified or adapted to the needs of the trainee.

Train 24/7. Operators can train anytime with customized logins and data tracking. Administrators can login and access custom reports of the performance for each trainee.

Customizable environments and lessons available. We can adapt our OSHA-based curriculum your warehouse, docks, or construction site and build custom lessons that re-create your daily operations.



Simulated Surgical Systems

Simulated Surgical Systems’ mission is providing safe, practical, and efficient robot-assisted surgery training to novice surgeons, reducing surgical error and making robot-assisted surgery possible.

Robotic surgery simulation is the safest, most practical form of training for novice surgeons to carefully and meticulously develop the crucial motor and cognitive skills demanded for performing robot-assisted surgery. Simulation training poses no risk to a live patient, so novice surgeons are able to freely practice various tasks.


The RoSS™ is a Robotic Surgery Simulator that uses virtual reality to teach the fundamental skills of robotic surgery to novice and experienced surgeons. With a validated curriculum, high fidelity graphics, and highly portable console, the RoSS™ is the perfect solution for your robotic surgery training needs.

  • RoSS™ is a portable, stand-alone Robotic Surgery Simulator that teaches novice surgeons the motor and cognitive skills required for operating the da Vinci© surgical robot.
  • The RoSS™ uses virtual reality to introduce the user to the fundamentals of robot-assisted surgery. It boasts a multi-level curriculum, designed with various levels of difficulty, that takes the user through and teaches the required skills for effectively advancing robotic surgery abilities.
  • RoSS™ is the only robotic surgery simulator featuring full-length surgical procedures in 3D, otherwise known as HoST.
  • RoSS™ is portable, so novice surgeons can practice and train without using valuable OR space and time.


HoST™ is a proprietary Hands-On Surgical Training software suite that uses haptics and recorded surgeries performed using the da Vinci© to teach the operative steps of a real procedure.

  • HoST (Hands-on Surgical Training) is a ground-breaking new technology developed for learning robot-assisted surgical procedures. It is only available on the RoSS™. With the use of haptics, the RoSS's™ HoST system guides the user's hands through the operative steps of a real procedure, prompting the user to interact with the machine.
  • HoST uses the principles of checklist-based learning, meaning the user can only proceed through the procedure after successfully learning and executing each step. User performance metrics are recorded so that progress can be tracked.