I am a research student at IIUM University, Malaysia and am currently working on an application that involves the EMG processing of thumb movements.

For this reason we are interested in angle and force sensors that can measure thumb angle and force. Kindly help me with the following issues:

  1. Do you have anything that can be used to measure the force at the thumb or finger tip and also the angle at finger/thumb joint?

  2. Is there a complete system for angle and force measurement, EMG signal acquisition and processing available. also can we use it to generate outputs for external devices?

Please also let me know who is your distributor for Malaysia or can we place a direct order with you (in which case what would the expected delivery time be).

Thanks & Regards, Abdul Rahman


Our data gloves can measure thumb roll, thumb abduction, thumb Inner Joint and thumb Outer Joint angles. Along with finger abductions IJ, MJ and OJ. Also Palm flexion and abduction.

For other questions including distributors please email at

~ Sidhant Sharma