It simplifies simulation for developers in mechanical CAD, R&D, or 3D e-commerce allowing them to "hand-enable" their applications. The SDK consist of three main components:

  1. Device Manager: A multiplatform (W2K, NT, IRIX, and WinXP) network-aware device driver system for CyberGlove, CyberTouch, CyberGrasp, and CyberForce systems, as well as the Polhemus Fastrak and Ascension Flock of Birds six degrees of freedom (DOF) trackers.
  2. Device Configuration Utility: A user friendly Windows-like interface to calibrate and configure your gloves, touches, grasps, and six-DOF trackers. The DCU allows you to save configurations and configure default settings.
  3. VirtualHand API: A fully featured C++ development library including support for collision detection, hand interaction management, and force feedback.


  • Offers an object-oriented model with an accompanying C++ library.
  • Provides a general framework for constructing hand-enabled simulations from scratch or for integrating hand-interaction into existing applications.
  • Includes a device configuration utility that lets users calibrate and configure CyberGlove Systems's CyberGlove wired products and supported trackers in an intuitive and graphical manner.
  • Offers real-time collision detection capabilities between 3D digital objects.
  • Provides a force feedback interface for CyberGrasp and CyberForce system users.
  • Offers full network support. A user can run an application on a host computer while getting device data from another machine, permitting interaction with geographically distributed teams.
  • Includes grasping algorithms for picking up any arbitrary object loaded into the scene.
  • Includes "ghost-hand" support for managing position-tracker offsets to prevent the graphical hand from passing through objects.
  • Provides a fast polygon-level, collision-detection engine, including an open API for support of specialized third-party collision modules.
  • Supplies an open API for model import and interfacing with third-party visualization software. A VRML/Cosmo (SGI Optimizer 1.2) implementation is included.
  • Provides significantly improved overall structure with better run-time integrity and more complete error handling.
  • Supplies acomplete set of open source demonstration applications showing how each of the toolkit features can be used in your development.


VirtualHand SDK Custom Applications

VirtualHand SDK Jack Plugin

VirtualHand SDK Matlab Plugin

VirtualHand SDK MotionBuilder Plugin

VirtualHand SDK Unity Plugin

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